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At BES&T, we excel at providing sustainable engineering, design, and commissioning solutions for large power generators, industrial and chemical manufacturing facilities, and refineries around the world. By leveraging industry expertise and advanced engineering, BES&T focuses patented critical services and specialty equipment to assure maximum operation and performance of capital systems. With more than 20 years of experience, BES&T Commissioning has set the standard for efficient field services for the world’s leading engineering, procurement, and construction projects. We practice continuous improvement leading to innovative habits and project designs that lower costs and shorten schedules for the best possible outcome.

Direction – Whether it’s pushing multiple projects toward completion or using innovation to improve an entire industry, BES&T Commissioning is always moving things forward. The results are the fastest, cleanest, and most efficient solutions in the commissioning industry.

Choice – For too long the commissioning industry has been complacent, ignoring the possibility for change or improvement. Entrenched, outdated methods prevail and innovation has been stagnant. That is, until, BES&T Commissioning decided to change things. Now you have a choice.

Value – By providing innovative solutions and high performance processes, uniquely engineered equipment, and highly effective personnel, we deliver efficient cross-platform solutions and effective, timely value to each and every customer.

Vision – There’s power in progress, and it starts with clarity. Clarity of vision means recognizing solutions from across the globe, and identifying opportunities to push things forward in an industry known for being reluctant to change. BES&T Commissioning has the innovative tools, elite team members, and clear vision to bring your projects in on time and under budget.

Social Responsibility – By assimilating into the project and partnering with construction and OEM teams, we are able to deliver specification and value development with a 90 percent lower carbon footprint (vs. competitors) throughout the industry.

Communication & Collaboration:

We believe a strong team leads to a greater competitive advantage for our clients. By pairing our expertly-trained BES&T team with construction and OEM teams we are able to achieve even further integration for our projects. The result is leading-edge, solution-driven processes that grants our clients a competitive advantage.

Service Excellence:

By conducting ourselves with integrity and professionalism, and through continuous improvement of internal processes, equipment, and training, we provide the highest quality service experience to customers, vendors, and all project liaisons.

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